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Monday, January 31, 2005

31st January 2005

Hi Folks,
I returned yesterday night from my tour to Coorg. We really had a wonderful time in Coorg. I am penning down some of my experiences which I wanted to share with you friends.

We started on 28th Friday for our tour and it was 200 kms drive from Bangalore to Madikeri. We reached our Hotel Palace, Madikeri at 1.00 AM. The next day we had planned to visit many places in and around Madikeri. We started to proceed towards Talakaveri ( which was about 50 kms from Madikeri). We reached Talakaveri - The Birth place of river kaveri at around 12 noon. We reached the temple after a 15 minutes drive to the hilltop. It was a very calm place and we had to climb 300 steps to have a better view of mother natures creativity. While returning back we worshipped Lord Bragadeshwara temple, which was 300 years old.

We reached Madikeri at around 2.30 pm for lunch, We had a good lunch and went back to our hotel. We took a small nap and planned to proceed towards other spots in Madikeri. Raja's seat was located at a hilltop which was a 30 minutes drive from our hotel. It was a Picturesque view of Sunrise and Sunset at the hilltop. We spent nearly 1 hour at this place looking at the beautiful mountains and the small villages full of coffee plantations. We drived down from Raja's seat to Sultan's Palace. Sultan's Palace was located in the heart of the town and it housed many government offices. We just spent some time at the palace and returned back to Raja's seat.

In the evening we went out for shopping. Croog was famous for its Coffee and Honey. I shopped for the different types of coffee and the spices. Fully loaded with our shopping cart we went back to our hotel. On Saturday night we had our dinner in our hotel.

The next day we packed all our things and were ready to leave Croog. We had many places to visit en-route to Bangalore. After a light Breakfast in Madikeri town we proceeded towards Abbey Water Falls which was about 15 kms from Madikeri. On the way we saw Sultan's Tomb. We reached Abbey falls at around 11 pm and spent around 1 hour in the water falls. We left the water falls and proceeded towards Mysore-Bangalore highway. On the way we visited Dubare forest range which was a landscape with elephants, forestry and river cavuery. We then went to Cauvery Nisargadhama which was famous for elephant rides and a deer park. We left Cauvery Nisargadhama at around 2.oo pm and stopped at Kushal nagar. We had a good lunch at Hotel caravan. We had a long drive and reached Bangalore at around 11 pm.

Hope you folks will enjoy the blog.


  • Hey Sankar,

    Did we really reach to Madikeri at 1 p.m. Wasn't it 1 a.m. ;)

    BTW nice write up man... Keep it up......

    By Blogger Gyan, at 10:17 PM  

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