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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Talakadu-Religious Paradise near Mysore

Hi All,
The date was 30th June 2005 and the excitement for the one day outing had already begun. All my team members Amol,Britto,Praveen,Latha,Uma,Gyan,Santosh,Eugene & Myself along with other team members numbered around 20 started off early in the morning for this Religious paradise called Talakadu(130Kms from Bangalore).

We all arrived in office at 7.00AM. The KSRTC bus was delayed by 1 hour and we finally made our start towards talakadu at 8.00AM. Myself and Britto played around with the Boom Box (CD Player) to make it work but in vain (It was the first banana! for the day). The bus driver started his Boom Box(FM Radio), it was 91.1FM early morning wakeup call on air. All of us were dozing since we had got up early in the morning to catch up the bus.

It was 9.00AM and we had hit the Mysore highway. A dance number was on air and we the backseaters gave our wakeup call to the rest of the teammates sitting in the lousy front seats. All of us were awake and there was round of dance by our glamorous dancer Praveen. On the way Raghu - Who was our visitor from our HQ in US was waiting patiently for the bus to arrive. We picked him up at 9.15AM at Raja rajeswari nagar and zoomed towards the mysore highway. Lots of photo sessions inside the bus and some dancing we were ready for Breakfast. After an hours drive in the mysore highway we reached the famous Kamat hotel - Authentic kannada style hotel. We had a good breakfast in Kamat hotel and proceeded towards Talakadu.

Off Maddur on the mysore highway we took the road towards Talakadu. The driver was well aware of the route and we had no problem in guiding the driver to the destination. All the members were relaxing in their seats and I enjoyed the outside Scenery. Myself,Raghu,Praveen along Santosh were enjoying the bumby ride sitting next to the drivers seat. We had a casual conversation with the bus driver. We reached Talakadu at 12.00 Noon and on the way we picked up a local guide. All of us were eager to enter the water and enjoy playing in the water. The local guide advised us not the venture too far inside the water since it was dangerous. We unpacked our belongings and kept it in a safe place. I was eager to play football in the sands. The sands of talakadu was too soft compared to the sand found in beaches. We formed a team led by Eugene and Prasad and started our football match. It was noon time and the climate was too hot but still we were in full josh to play the football match. Meanwhile some other team mates wanted to take a Teppa ride(a small round boat) across the river. They had some photo sessions along the river and joined us in the game of football once they returned back. The football was unable to bear the good shots that we made and suddenly we saw the bladder coming out of the football. Eugene decided to remove the bladder and start playing Rugby(American football). Again the football was tampered with, finally myself,Sharma and Ashish were able to take the bladder out without piercing the football.

Our next game was ready. Rules and team was formed and the famous game of Rugby was started in the sands of Talakadu. We fell over each other to touch the owner of the so called Rugby ball and were enjoying each and every moment of it. Some team mates who were good in Swimming entered the waters. Soon we discovered that the was less than 6 feet and all the team mates jumped into the water to play Water Polo and Water Frizbee. Jumping,Rolling and splashing the waters we played Water Polo. The time was 2.00PM - Time for Lunch.

Amol, who had taken good initiatives from arranging the whole picnic had also arranged for good food delivered through Nandhini - The famous andhra style restaurant in Bangalore. It took us sometime to convince them to deliver the food at Talakadu. At around 2.30PM we had excellent, mouth watering dishes delivered right at Talakadu by Nandhini. We had both Veggy and Non-Veggy items for the satisfaction of the team mates(Thanks amol for the great work!!!). It was around 3.00PM and we were done with the Lunch. We had a lot of food remaining and it was given to the localites of Talakadu. At around 3.15PM some members proceeded towards the temple along with the local guide. The temples in Talakadu were submerged in sands. The guide told us the story behind the temples and he told us that more temples and idols are still buried underneath the sands, that needs to be recovered.

Finally we started from Talakadu at 4.00PM, All of us were tired and I dozed for nearly 1 hour. Suddenly I woke up and saw an Anthakshari session in progress. Sunil was in full josh singing ultimate golden melodies. Ashish was not to be left, he had a song in his pocket for almost all the ending words except the word 'SA' - Which is supposed to be the starting note according to Indian and Western('DO') music. Pranay who was at our end was too good with his collections. Amol and Britto were defending the opposite team with Tamil and Marathi Songs, for which Santosh started of singing Kannada songs. Eugene and Abdul were too good the golden tamil melodies. Not to leave Parthiban who had a peculiar dance for the numbers that he sang. Praveen was jumping teams based on the teams performance. Vishal and Latha were fantastic with Olden hits and some famous Love Songs.

We reached Bangalore at 8.00PM and started our work. Conf calls, Meetings - This world is totally different from the world that we saw. Talakadu was really a pradise.

Thanks All,