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Monday, October 24, 2005

AR Rahman in Bangalore

AR Rahman was there recently in bangalore for a live show. The excitement had started 2 weeks before the show. My friends Eugene and Britto and myself were avid fans of AR Rahman. We got the tickets well in advance for the show that was to be performed by AR Rahman.

The day was October 8th 2005, and we started in the evening for the live show. It was a first of its kind in the garden city - A live show my the music prodigy ARR. I was really excited and was in full josh for the show. We reached Palace grounds - the venue well in advance. We parked out car and we entered the show. It was cloudy and windy. I prayed to god not to spoil the show. I was willing to watch the show even if it was raining.

We entered inside the Open Air Audi. It was full of fun loving people. People already started singing the Mangala Mangala number from Mangel Pandey. Some of the folks started singing Tamil songs and it was an awesome experience to see the josh of ARR fans. The show was scheduled to start at 7.00 PM. The clouds started gathering and it was for sure that it going to rain CATS and DOGS. ARR started the show with Sivamani's Drums. The lords of the heaven were so impressed with the Earth beats of Sivamani that it started raining. I was fully drenched but still in full swing for the show. ARR started talking and he said he is going to start the show in another 1 hour. The crowd booed but ARR was helpless - His costly Sytheziers and Music instruments were more dearer to him that our tickets and josh.

The crowd was becoming restless and the started moving in the front. The police were trying to avoid this thinking it would lead to a stampade. Finally at around 8.30PM the show started. ARR started with number from Mangal Pandey and moved on for the softer music. We moved along with the crowd and we were standing very close to the stage. It was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to see all the artists so close performing live.

Hariharan were too good with his Telephone Dhun main hasine waaaali song. Shankar mahadeven was treffic with Laagan and Shukwinder was cool with Dil se. The show continued with many artists and finally ended with ARR - Guess What?? Vande Maatharam.


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